Ultrasonic AMR Meter With Flow Control Valve


Accumax offers smart flow meter devices, which provide accurate, cost effective and contemporary flow measurement for household and industries application.
It is an advanced and highly accurate ultrasonic water meter with AMR (Automatic meter reading) technology. It can be used for industrial application as well as for residentials application.
The ultrasonic AMR water flow meter measurement is based on the transit time method also It has full information LCD display, which is easy to read the data and see the alarms. Ultrasonic AMR meter has wide applications as it’s based on LORA technology and automatic reading meter (AMR)


  • Because of LORA module,  Long range transmission is possible
  • In-built data logger in order to see history record
  • Transit time ultrasonic technology in order to provide accuracy and ultra-reliable metering
  • Multi communication support
  • Dedicated daily information details availability
  • Different 5 Alarm indication
  • Easy to install due to compact size
  • Long battery life


  • Industrial R.O.
  • Residential water metering
  • Water supply schemes
  • Smart water billing

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