product description

Remote Display is used for the secondary display of the Accumax Electromagnetic flowmeter. It is easy to integrate with Accumax brand meter. Its communication is based on RS485, so the Remote Display can be mount on the panel around 1000 meters away from the flow meter.

Hardware Specification

  • Input supply is 220 VAC
  • Having RS485 Serial Input
  • Output display and indicator
  • 1 Km Range
  • L x W x H = 96 x 96 x 102 mm

Features of this product

  • RS485 Serial Based communication
  • 96 x 96 enclosure
  • SMPS based power supply
  • Can connect Multiple Display


P: Phase
N: Neutral
E: Earth

G+: RS485 Serial +
G-: RS485 Serial –


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