Power Failure SMS Alert Device


Ensure uninterrupted power supply with our Power Alert device—a crucial solution for modern equipment to operate efficiently, perform tasks seamlessly, and avoid critical situations. Say goodbye to manual monitoring and welcome a smarter approach with our device.

Accumax introduces a GSM-based short message & missed call notification system for power outage and restoration, sending alerts to up to 5 mobile numbers. This feature empowers individuals to take prompt action, making it an effective solution for various applications. With its user-friendly interface, our Power Alert device ensures ease of use and peace of mind. Don’t compromise on power reliability—choose Accumax for a reliable power monitoring solution.

  1. With Temperature Alert:
    • Receive temperature alerts to prevent overheating issues.
  2. Without Temperature Alert:
    • For standard power monitoring without temperature-specific notifications.

Key Features:

  • SMS & missed call Notifications:
    • Receive alerts via SMS & missed call, providing real-time updates to up to 5 mobile numbers.
  • LED Indication:
    • Instant visual feedback with LED indicators during the alert message transmission.
  • Alert Types:
    • Power On/Off Alert: Stay informed about power status changes.
    • Temperature Rise/Restore Alert: Monitor temperature fluctuations for preventive action.
  • SMS Command Functionality:
    • Easily access all parameters’ data and modify cutoff temperature settings or register mobile numbers through simple SMS commands.
  • Customization:
    • Tailor the product to meet your specific requirements, ensuring it aligns perfectly with your unique needs.

Choose our Power Alert device for a comprehensive and customizable solution that puts you in control of your power monitoring needs.


  1. Intensive Care Unit (ICU):
    • Safeguard critical medical equipment and ensure a stable power supply in ICU settings.
    • Receive immediate alerts for power fluctuations, enabling swift response to potential issues.
  2. Food Industry/Cold Storage:
    • Maintain optimal temperature conditions in cold storage facilities to preserve food quality.
    • Temperature alert feature ensures timely response to temperature variations, preventing spoilage.
  3. Server Rooms:
    • Critical for data centers and IT infrastructure, our Power Alert device ensures continuous power availability.
    • Receive alerts for power on/off status and temperature changes, preventing equipment damage.
  4. Aquarium:
    • Create a stable environment for aquatic life by monitoring and maintaining power supply.
    • Temperature alerts help prevent fluctuations that may impact the well-being of aquatic organisms.
  5. Automation Industries:
    • Ensure uninterrupted operation of automated systems crucial for manufacturing and production.
    • Power and temperature alerts aid in preventing downtime and potential damage to automated machinery.


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