Power Failure SMS Alert Device


Power alert device provides solution for uninterrupted power supply since it is essential for modern equipment to effectively carry out their operation , perform smooth task and avoid hypercritical situation. Instead of monitoring manually we can install power alert device.
Accumax offers GSM based short message notification of power outage and restoration up to 5 mobile numbers so individual can take prompt action based on situation ,which has been proven effective for many modern applications as it has facile user interface.


  • Available in two variant. 1)with temperature alert 2)without temperature alert
  • Alert messages notification (SMS) can send up to 5 mobile numbers.
  • LED indication available while sending alert messages
  • Power on/off alert , Temperature rise/restore alert.
  • Can get all parameter’s data and change cut off temperature data as well as register mobile numbers through SMS command.
  • Can customize product to meet specific customer requirements.

  • Intensive Care Unit
  • Food industry/ Cold storage
  • Server rooms
  • Aquarium
  • Automation Industries


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