Electromagnetic Flow Meter


Accumax offers water metering solutions based on the proven technology of Electromagnetic and represents the next generation of smart metering.
Accumax delivers solutions in all shapes and sizes. From individual meters and remote reading systems to fully automated service solutions.
The electromagnetic flow meter is a true volume measuring meter. As long as it maintains certain minimum conductivity, the measurement of the flow is independent from temperature, viscosity, pressure and dissolved /undissolved solids.
Various types of Liner & Electrode are used as per application requirements. Empty pipe detection is also provided.
Accumax has in-house R&D centre & calibration setup as per industries standards.

The Accumax Electromagnetic Flow-meter work on FARADAY’s LAW OF ELECTROMAGNETIC INDUCTION. Hence the meter detects flow based on the velocity of conductive liquid. Thus the meters are Calibrated in terms of volumetric flow rate from it.

Accumax Electromagnetic Flow meters are used to measure various types of liquids that can be found in various industrial processes like Acidic chemicals, waste water, warm/hot water.
  • Rugged, Robust, Construction withstanding to IP67.
  • No pressure Drop due to full bore construction.
  • Maintenance-free construction because of no moving parts.
  • Long-lasting PTFE/PFA lining maximizes the life of the meter.
  • Customized designs are also available as per requirement.
  • STP (Sewage Treatment Plants)
  • ETP (Effluent Treatment Plants)
  • Chemical Industries
  • Pesticides Industries
  • Pharmaceutical Industries
  • Textile Industries
  • Ceramic Industries
  • Water supply Projects

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