Dosing Controller


Dosing controller is designed for operating specific task on completion of prefix volume . Doser provides steady and reliable dosing therefore it has various application. We can use dosing controller ,Where we need error-free, accurate and control dosing such as in various industries, household and hospitals.
Doser comes with rugged and compact size thus it is easy to install and also has display availability to monitor flow rate. It uses RS485 to communicate with flow measuring devices therefore , it is easy to use dosing controller for many industrial application. doser has user-friendly design for ease of use. It has display and  push button configuration therefore it is easy to select liquid quantity and timer for dosing application.


  • Input supply is 110 V AC  to 270 V AC
  • Can communicate over RS485
  • Resume operation in case of power interrupt.
  • password protection configuration in order to provide safer operation
  • It has wide application because it can operate using 5 modes


  • Chemical/ Chlorine dosing
  • Pesticide dosing
  • Fungicide dosing
  • Water treatment control

application area

  • Swimming pools
  • Hospitals
  • R.O. plant
  • Chemical & Pharmaceuticals
  • Desalination
  • Food and beverages industries


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