Digital Flow Meter With Telemetry System


Accumax offers a Digital Flow Meter with Telemetry System as per the latest Central Groundwater Authority(CGWA) Guidelines. Also, this Digital Flow Meter with a Telemetry system is easy to install and user-friendly. It provides an IoT platform for water meters which is suitable for data acquisition from any remote location. Also, its Cloud platform having Real-Time Dashboard that allows viewing all analytical parameters as per CGWA guidelines.
Alerts or Notifications during parameter exceedance will be received through Email and SMS.
  • Digital display for instantaneous flow reading.
  • Followed by CGWA, CGWB, and CSWA/B guidelines.
  • Remotely accessible because it provides an IOT platform for the water flow meters.
  • Tampering Alert on Dashboard.
  • Power failure Indication.
  • Backup of data as per request.
  • No Pressure drop in flow.
  • Two variants are available:
      1)  Electromagnetic Flowmeter with Inbuilt Telemetry System
      2)  Electromagnetic Flowmeter with External Telemetry System

Demo Link

User ID: demo@accumax
Password: 123456

With Inbuilt Telemetry System

External Telemetry Gateway

Telemetry Cloud Dashboard

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