Independence Day 15th August 2022

To celebrate the 75th year of Independence, the “AZADI KA AMRIT MAHOTSHAV” – “Har Ghar Tiranga” campaign. It aims to inspire people to bring the tiranga and hoist it in their homes to show their commitment to the nation.
To support Har Ghar Tiranga, Accumax Instruments Pvt. Ltd. hoisted a tiranga on the factory premises on 13th August 2022. The management distributed tiranga to its employees and took a selfie with the flag to encourage them to participate in this campaign, which will continue till 15th August 2022.

“Vande Mataram”


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Why and how to install Piezometer?

According to CGWA guidelines, it is mandatory for industries to construct an observation well at a minimum distance of 50 meters from the borewell. Before purchasing the Piezometer, it is inevitable to ascertain the depth of the ground to decide its cable length. However, an extra cable length of 5 to 10 meters is advisory; in case of variation in ground’s depth; in future.

The installation of Piezometer needs complete knowledge and guidance. Let us comprehend the process of installation step by step:

1. Drill the observation well nearby 50 meters of the borewell after accurate survey.

2. Take a zero reading level of the Piezometer.

3. Lower down the sensor with cable into the well and mark the starting and end point of the cable.

4. Once the sensor touches the water level, it will display on the transmitter.

5. Keep the sensor in a terminal box away from the sunlight and water. It should be clean and dry.

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What are Piezometers?

Pressure transducers that measure the level of liquid beneath the ground level, soil, or rock are called Piezometers. They monitor and indicate changes in the surface level.

Chiefly, Piezometer monitors and determines the flow pattern of underground water. The main objective of its installation is to maintain the required groundwater level. The government has formed a regulatory authority – CGWA, which issued guidelines wherein industries extracting daily 10 M 3 (10000 liters) water from the ground, need to install Piezometer.
In addition, Piezometer is also, sometimes, used to extract water from ground for testing water quality.


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Why Smart water metering solutions?

With an increased water usage in domestic and industrial areas, need of smart water metering solutions has arisen. Integrated liquid flow sensors manage and monitor the water consumption demand of the user. The government and water applicants are exploring effective solutions to minimize the wastage of water along with measuring the accurate consumption.

Variety of water metering solutions has been certified for economical and environmental friendly water applications. These flow sensors use high frequency sound waves to measure flow and reduce flow drop chances making it more accurate. Rugged body of flow meters allows smooth flow of clean and dirty water for borewell and STPs / ETPs respectively. The USB port enables integrated software in the smart meter and allows data display and storage on the clod server. This further helps to save water by eliminating wastage.


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What makes Accumax Flow Meter a leading brand?

Every decision comes with a cost!

Purchase of right flow meter is an extensive decision. Customer should be clear about the flow meter’s specifications & application.

Accumax Instruments Pvt. Ltd. manufactures indigenous flow meter, with high customer satisfaction. With in-house R&D team, regular improvements & customization in the product makes it easy and user friendly.

Reasons why a buyer should prefer Accumax Flow meters over other flow meters are as follows:

• Highly accurate                   • Quick installation
• Customized Design            • Rugged Body
• Budget – friendly               • Longer life span
• Inbuilt Telemetry               • IoT cloud applications
• India hosted data               • Data privacy
• Compiled with CGWA       • NABL calibration











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Online monitoring system for Ground Water Extraction

Telemetry Flow meters complied with CGWA guidelines monitor the ground water extraction and provide the data directly to the authority.

The data collection process is:

  1. Install Electromagnetic flow meter
    The electromagnetic flow meter will be installed at the water discharge point on borewell. The meter will record the flow  of the water extracted from the ground / borewell.
  2. IoT Device
    IoT device is a secured gateway connecting flow meter data to cloud server. It will transmit data at regular basis and allows the user to download its accurate flow statistics. Every meter will have unique dashboard display with features like flow rate and pump hour report. It also facilitates to download auto-generated reports at regular intervals.

Accumax Electromagnetic Flow meter appearance on dashboard:


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Installation of Telemetry flow meter complying CGWA Guidelines

According to CGWA guidelines, if an industry is extracting water from the ground in excess amount, it is bound to inform the same to the authority. Later the authority will provide NOC taking into consideration the water requirement of the industry. Once the NOC is issued the industry should install the flow meter and Piezometer (if mentioned) meeting the specifications of the governing body.

The installation of a telemetry flow meter should be regulated in the following manner:

  1. The meter shall be installed at the discharge point at the bore well before branching.
  2. No bypassing of pipe is allowed before the installed flow meter.
  3. The pipe must have a full bore pass all the time so no air can pass through it manipulating the flow measurement.
  4. Sufficient upstream and downstream space shall be provided for the proper installation of the meter.
  5. In case there is no full bore pass of water, the meter shall be installed in the U-band position as shown below.

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