About us

Accumax Instruments Private Limited has strong technology base Process Control Instruments manufacturing company. We stands out for the sheer quality of its products serving Process Control Industries for more than two decades.

The company has a large product range in Digital Process Control Instruments, Electromagnetic Flow Meter, Batch Controllers, and Control Panels. Accumax Instruments has the ability to support Industries to implement IoTs and Industry 4.0 concepts to enhance their productivity.

All our efforts towards constant improvements in quality, ease of use, state-of-the-art technology, the durability of each product. Our live relations with satisfied clients, always trigger us to implement user-friendly concepts to make our products updated. Distinguished quality and design make us superior.  The ability to provide customized products gives us self-satisfaction derived from user satisfaction.

AIPL has become a Company of repute. Thanks to, technical excellence, professional attitude, team spirit, clear objectives, and well-defined goals. These ideas percolated into each and every employee, becoming the ethos of the AIPL, to enable the growth of the Company.

In a competitive market wherein leadership is a frequent claim of every manufacturer, AIPL is content to let the customer be the judge of the quality by performance, integrity, and enduring functionality of its Products.

Why We?

Ease & Prompt Service

Knowledge of Basic Concept

Constant improvement in Design and Quality

Products as per Requirement

Always Latest Technology

Long term Relationship with Customers, Investors & Employees

Leader Strategy for the Company

Our Mission

Grow steadily over the years integrating diverse technologies to solve complex measurement problems/needs.

Our Vision

Combining technological advances with stringent safety standards, corporate social responsibilities, and green values.


Offering nearly all of the commercially available measurement & process technologies and a wide range of custom applications.


Customer-focused and solution-driven partnership with customers and OEMs to convert ideas into reality.

Our Valuable Products

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